Safety and aesthetics, above all else, are what Tek-Rail offers. From keeping a secure property, to making a deck a safer place for relaxation, the importance of a solid fence structure outweighs practically any other reason to suggest otherwise. If you have pets or young children, the cost to ensure their safety, and your peace-of-mind, should be of no consequence. So, don’t waste your money on inferior products and services, get The 2018 Best Vinyl Fence award winner, Tek-Rail, to design, install, and provide you with tons of useful information about your new fence! In this blog, we are going to talk about some reasons why a Tek-Rail gate is the premier choice when it comes to quality and affordability. The finishing touch to any one of our beautiful installations is the gate. No safety or security fence is complete without a quality gate to tie it all together! Let’s talk gates!

Animal Safety – Decorative fences are wonderful, they can be erected in a disconnected fashion for style instead of for function, or as a fully connected property barrier. If you have pets and or live near heavily wooded areas you may have unwanted critters finding their way onto your property. For small children and pets, closing off that fence or having a new Tek Rail fence installed with a trusty gate is must-have! 

New White vinyl fence

Security – Not all neighborhoods are quiet and sparsely populated. This can lead to a ton of foot traffic on the sidewalks and surrounding areas of your home. A closed fence structure that will keep your property safe from wandering eyes and footfalls is just a phone call away.
Style – Obviously we want your fence to have style, it should also add value to your home, not be an eyesore. Tek Rail offers the 2 in 1 benefit of peace of mind and gorgeous aesthetics! Don’t compromise your style when it comes to upping your safety. 
Property Value – proper placement for fences and gates is important in determining property value. It is part of the Tek-Rail way to provide you with nothing but exceptional design. Our installations are sure to increase your property value, raise curb appeal, and increase safety all with less money upfront and less maintenance over time!

Vinyl Gates – The more durable choice as far as weathering, vinyl lasts forever if it isn’t smashed or broken. It will not rust or rot and needs minimal maintenance to keep it looking new all year long!
Aluminum Gates – The more sturdy choice. An aluminum gate is an ideal choice for a driveway or for areas where you want to make certain that it can keep your large dogs in, or other unwanted guests out.

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