The curb appeal a fence can add to your property is exponential! If you have a pet, a family, or some nosey neighbors, the security of a vinyl fence is almost a necessity. Some fence types are more decorative and don’t actually keep anything in or out. A vinyl fence has coverage from the ground up, and also adds a wonderful homey appearance to your property. One of the key benefits a vinyl fence has, over other types of fencing, is its ease of maintenance. Many fence types require repainting and constant care to prevent stains or rust. A vinyl fence will accrue stains and obvious signs of weathering, but fear not, here are the ways to easily take care of your wonderful vinyl fence.
What To Clean With: Special rags, magic erasers, microfiber cloths, non-abrasive brushes 

White Vinegar: This common household item is perfect for outdoor or indoor cleaning. It is safe for children and pets, cheaper,  and more easily available than other harsh or specialized cleaners. A mixture of hot water and white vinegar is the perfect solution to scrub your fence to the point of brand new clean!

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaner
fence maintenance cleaning with pressure power washer

Specialty Cleaners: Depending on the severity of the stain, a specialized cleaner will have to be bought, or even mixed at home. Some signs of aging and weathering can take more than a home remedy. This is usually due to the lack of routine maintenance the fence receives. To reduce these unfortunate stains, a visit to the hardware store, where there are various specialized fence cleaners, may be a necessity.

Using a brillo pad or wire brush is a big no-no when it comes to cleaning your fence. Vinyl fences can scratch easily when rubbed with the wrong materials, creating small grooves where dirt and other stains can accumulate; ultimately making the fence appear dirtier. When cleaning a vinyl fence, choose microfiber cloths or Mr. Clean magic erasers. These non-abrasive scrubbers will be the perfect thing to take your fence from dim to delightful.

Finishing The Process: Always spray the fence with water/ a hose before you start your hands-on cleaning process, this will loosen any dirt, sand, or grime stuck to the fence. If you notice certain trouble spots not rinsing well, we suggest you add a pressurized nozzle to your hose. If that still isn’t enough, a pressure washer is sure to take care of anything your typical garden hose cannot.

The need to clean a fence isn’t talked about regularly, but once you see the grass stains and mold build-up, it will be hard not to want to take care of these ugly weather marks as often as possible. Keep your house and outdoor living space shiny and new with a weekly preventative maintenance plan. The best offense is a great defense, so keep on regularly cleaning that fence so the stains don’t build up past the point of no return!