Tek-Rail began as a fence company in 1990. Seeing an opportunity to develop vinyl rail and fence products, Tek-Rail became a manufacturer of vinyl railing and fencing products in 1994. Tek-Rail developed and installed the first commercial vinyl rail system in Atlanta. Success came because the engineering and quality of the product and services from Tek-Rail always focused on the needs of the customer.

Tek-Rail cut’s engineering exceeded building code basic requirements by 250%. This allowed Tek-Rail to be the first SBCCI Building Code Certified Vinyl Rail product in the United States. The focus on quality, maintenance free applications, and service have made Tek-Rail a popular choice for those that specify building products and those that purchase. Tek-Rail introduced it’s aluminum rail products in 2002, with the same emphasis on quality, service, and great engineering. With 4 standard colors and the ability to match any color, Tek-Rail has developed the aluminum product to meet the needs of the customer.

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Today all Rail Systems are made to exceed all IBC & IRC Building Codes by 250%. The aluminum rail and fence systems are powder coated to give our customers a longer lasting coated finish.

While there have been some attempts to mimic the Tek-Rail products, process, and services, it’s never been able to be duplicated. Tek-Rail’s hands-on experience, and commitment to listening to the customer’s desires, gives Tek-Rail the ability to help every client in any situation. We offer limited lifetime product warranties on our Aluminum Systems and White Vinyl Systems. This allows for great customer value, quality and peace-of-mind in the investment of the project. Our product has been sold and installed all across the United States. Tek-Rail is committed to serving the “commercial” and “wholesale” market with our superior products.

Commercial Aluminum Rail

You can see our tek-nical superior presence in:

Greenville, SC | Charlotte, NC | Atlanta, GA | Charlottesville, VA | Washington D.C. |
Baltimore, MD | Nashville, TN | Columbus, OH | Louisville, KY | Orlando, FL | And surrounding areas

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So, are you looking to get top quality railing and fencing for great prices? If so, schedule a free evaluation to learn more about how Tek-Rail can provide railings and fencing at your property!

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