Why Tek-Rail Vinyl Rail or
Tek-Rail Vinyl Fence?

Tek-Rail vinyl products are extremely easy to work with. Even a “rough-in” carpenter will look like he has master carpentry skills when installing a Tek-Rail product. We offer very easy-to-follow installation instructions, and Tek-Rail vinyl is nearly maintenance free. It will never need to be painted, it will never yellow, and it will never split or crack like wood, nor will Tek-Rail vinyl rust like steel. Cleaning is simple with household bleach and a garden hose. Power washers are able to be used, but on low power. Tek-Rail vinyl products maintains its appeal and quality for years to come. Tek-Rail vinyl is also 100% recyclable when it does come time to replace your product. Tek-Rail Vinyl Products produces the highest return on investment when compared to wood, composite, steel, or aluminum. Tek-Rail has a Limited Lifetime Warranty on white vinyl products and a 20-year Limited Lifetime warranty on tan products.

Why Tek-Rail Aluminum Rail or
Tek-Rail Aluminum Fence?

Tek-Rail Aluminum Products are well designed to make installation easier than other aluminum products. A variety of additional accessories are available for most mounting situations. The Rail is also powder coat for an attractive life span. The Victorian Rail has an AAMA2604 certified powder coated surface. This means it will maintain its color to specification and never crack, split, or peel. The Series 4000 Tek-Rail fence is AAMA 2604 powder coated and comes assembled and ready to install. Please contact Tek-Rail for more warranty information.

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