A pool fence is a necessity for safety reasons, but are you worried that you’re going to have to sacrifice the design or style of your outdoor living space for safety? If you have a custom-sized pool this can cause an issue. When it comes to the pool fence guidelines, there are a few things to keep in mind like the fence height, closures, and more, but all of these can very easily be applied to your new fence design. Here’s what you need to know:

What are the safety procedures to follow?
Each area might have their own rules for what needs to go into a pool fence. It’s important to do your research to make sure you install the fence correctly. These are general guidelines for what a pool fence needs:

Correct Latches: Your fence should be self-closing so no matter what’s going on you know it’s going to close tightly behind you. It also needs to self-latch at the minimum height of 54 inches so curious children can’t open it. You can choose from a solid material latch, to a latch that needs a key, or even an electric one that you need a code to get in.

Lush backyard swimming pool

Minimum Height: It needs to be tall enough so a child or pet can’t get over it easily. The fence needs to be at least 54 inches high. Higher would be better to make it even more secure, but 54 inches is the minimum.
The Design: Think about how a child might make their way into the pool area if they’re not using the gate. Avoid designs that create an easy ladder for children to climb. 

The Openings: One thing to keep in mind with the design of your pool fence is that the posts and rungs in between the posts need to be minimal so a child or animal can’t fit through. There spaces in between, whether it’s vertical rungs or horizontal, need to be no more than 4 inches. Small children will be able to fit between a 6-inch space and even 5-inch space if they’re small enough.

Swimming Pool at night

How can I add to the design of my fence?

Your outdoor living space should work together as a whole, even if you have areas sectioned off for various activities such as the pool. Here are a few ways to decorate around the pool to make the space blend in more.

  • Outdoor Cooking: When you’re enjoying an awesome day in the sun, there’s nothing better than having an awesome grilled meal as you’re drying off or just taking a break from the swimming. Your outdoor cooking area can match or blend in with the rest of the pool area or the fence to create a seamless design.
  • Add Some Lights: Don’t let swimming end just because the sun goes down! Adding lights around your outdoor space to tie the area together, sometimes literally if you’re using string lights. It’s even better if they double as bug repellant to make the evening that much more enjoyable.