There are several reasons your need to have a fence installed as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs. One that is consistent throughout all of them is keeping your pet safe. No matter what size dog you have, the type of fencing is important so they can’t slip out. With small pups, you have to make sure they can’t squeeze in between the fence posts. Big pups often don’t realize just how strong they are. Unknowingly, while they’re happily standing against the fence to bark their hellos, their weight is bowing or damaging the fence. Medium dogs can be somewhere in between. The best way to prevent that is to plan out what type of fence you need before building it. Here’s a guide on determining which fence is right for you and your pup.

Material: Vinyl and aluminum are extremely durable and can hold up to a lot of circumstances. Vinyl provides privacy, comes in a variety of colors, and it is easy to maintain. Aluminum arguably has even lower maintenance than vinyl. It’s resistant to discoloring, fading, rust, and corrosion.

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Height: How high can your dog jump? When a dog gets excited or focused, no matter what size they are, they can get pretty high. Generally, the fence height should be about 7 to 7½ feet high. Even if your pup can’t get that high, you’re protecting them from other animals getting into their yard and their territory.

Visibility: Some dogs can be protective of their space or they like “chatting” with anyone who walks by. A privacy fence can help keep your pup quiet while they’re outside enjoying the space. It can also protect them from outside forces that you have little control over.

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Durability: Your fence will need to hold up to your dog jumping up against it, leaning on it, digging at parts of it, and more. Dogs can also be a creature of habit so they may have a favorite spot by the fence that takes the brunt of everything.

Climb-ability: Some breeds really enjoy climbing. They’re like kids in that if they can find a spot to put their foot they’re going to use it. Fence height doesn’t matter if your pup will be able to climb over it. Make sure your fence doesn’t have any spots that can act as a ladder for them.