Landscaping your yard can liven up your home’s exterior, and increase curb appeal. However, landscaping can, at times, be detrimental to your fencing system. While our fences are built-to-last for years to come, landscaping can be damaging to fencing, if you have a lack of a landscaping plan. Determining your landscaping layout, prior to installation, can save your fencing systems, as well as the plants, trees, and shrubs you choose to showcase in your yard.

How can you save your fence from nature?

● Keep after your trees. Branches and limbs can cause damage if they go unchecked and fall on the fence. Routine tree servicing can help keep not only your fence safe but the rest of your property as well.

● Leave vines on the trellis. Vines are gorgeous plants, and their growth patterns are fascinating to watch. They’re also powerful. If they end up growing along the fence, they could push it over. Direct the vines to a trellis where they can grow with ease.

Keep Your Fence in Great Shape With Landscaping 1
Keep Your Fence in Great Shape With Landscaping 2

● Be careful what kind of plants you put near the fence. Certain shrubs put pressure on the fence as they grow. Underground, the roots can take over the soil and weakening the fence posts. Keep shrubs a few feet away to avoid any issues.

● Watch the Sprinklers. Sprinklers are a convenient way to make sure your landscape stays hydrated at regular intervals. Exposing your fence to that much water could lead to water spots, rust, or other issues that could eventually damage your fence. Keep your sprinklers facing away from the fence to keep them protected.

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