How much privacy do you have with your fence at the moment? Are you looking to upgrade your current fence, or are you installing for the first time? If any of this applies to your current situation, the VIP Advantage Fence is your answer! A fence isn’t supposed to be something you replace often. Our VIP Advantage Fence could end up being the last fence you’ll ever need with the right maintenance. We’ve broken down why how it can benefit your home today.

What are to look for with a VIP Advantage Fence?

● These fences are available for both residential, commercial, and even industrial use.

● The frame is an Aluma Rail Frame paired with a Vinyl Integrated Privacy Pickets. The design of these solid pieces has your privacy in mind.

● The pickets come 6′ wide while their height can be 4′, 5′, and 6′ high depending on your preferences.

● This fence is strong as steel because of its 35,000psi strength, and it will never rust. It will last you quite a while with the proper maintenance.

What Is A VIP Advantage Fence? 1
What Is A VIP Advantage Fence? 2

● With the exceptional finish applied, your fence becomes resistant to heat and harsh weather. The three colors you can choose from are white, bronze, and black.

● The Vinyl Integrated Privacy Pickets are backed up with a lifetime guarantee if there are ant defects from materials and quality. In addition to this, the VIP aluminum having a lifetime guarantee against any chipping, cracking, and peeling that may occur.

What Is A VIP Advantage Fence? 3
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