There are so many benefits to having either aluminum and vinyl fence, that can vary, depending on your home and business needs. You may need a divider fence between your property and your neighbors; or you’ll want to have an enclosed yard for your pets and kids. Does your business need a safety and privacy fence?  Whatever your reason, Tek-Rail can offer the best products and quality for your fencing needs. Keep reading to learn more about why our aluminum and vinyl fencing is the best for your property.

  • Holding Up & Strength: When you’re looking for strength in a fence, Aluminum is the way to go. Aluminum fencing holds up particularly well during weather and day-to-day usage. It provides a much more functional approach to fencing. We recommend using aluminum fencing for a more commercial location.
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  • Privacy: Vinyl fences are the best of the two, if you want privacy for your yard or business. When the fence is put up it looks like one solid piece. With aluminum traditionally, there are large spaces in between the rungs leaving the yard open for passersby to look in. This would be more appropriate for homes or businesses that just want a division between the two areas.
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  • Cost of Materials: Both our aluminum and vinyl fencing are affordable for your projects. The cost doesn’t differ that much, it’s more a determination on how much you’ll need to complete your fence installation.
  • The Maintenance: When installing a fence, it’s important to choose a material that is virtually easy to maintain. Both Tek-Rail Vinyl and Aluminum fencing are easy to clean and upkeep.
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  • Aesthetics: This boils down to personal preference. Both vinyl and aluminum fences come in a variety of colors to choose from that can work with your taste. Each offers its own unique look, so it’s important to make a decision based on how you want your fence to look.
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