Does your yard need a little something more? Or, are you looking to add some privacy to your everyday life? It’s time to look into getting a Tek-Rail fence! While Georgia doesn’t have any specific fence requirements, there are still some rules that need to be followed to ensure you and your family can enjoy your new fence. Each town or county might have more specific rules about fences so the best option is to research your area. If you’re in a different state since Tek-Rail services a few of the surrounding states definitely be sure to do your own research on the local fence laws. Here are a few general rules that Georgia has about our fence laws.

The Fence Law – Since Georgia doesn’t have a law about fences, anything dealing with them will fall under property damage, easements, nuisance, and trespassing. The law focuses more so on the fence installation. If a fence is put up on the property line itself then both parties have to agree to its establishment and whether or not the cost will be split. If you don’t want to involve your neighbor, then your best bet is to put the fence a foot or two inside your property line. This gives room, not only for installation, but in case there needs to be maintenance down the line.

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HOA Rules – Depending on the area you’re located, there may be certain Homeowners Association rules you have to follow. Each one of these associations has specific rules about how the outside of your house must look. For example, they may require the lawn to be no more than 2 inches high, or the exterior paint can only be a certain color so it fits in with the rest of the homes surrounding your home. It’s best to check the rules of your association before you install any fencing around your property.

Spite Fences – You can’t just build a fence to annoy your neighbor. Some neighbors are just intolerable and the less you deal with them the better. The fence you build needs to be solely for personal reasons and not for any aggression.

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