The impact of a deck for your home goes well beyond aesthetics and resell value. But it also provides a sense of stability, acting as a pseudo-base for your house. So why not upgrade to the alluring Gorilla Deck G3, which provides your home with the aforementioned aesthetics and resell value, while also including its very own special technology.

Water-Shedding Surface

Using a water-shedding surface, the Gorilla Deck G3 blocks water from traveling underneath by channeling water to its side. Other decks usually channel the water through it. Because of this unique technology, no matter if it is rain or shine, the bottom space of your deck will stay dry. That means that you can use this space for whatever purposes you have in mind without having to worry about anything or anyone getting soaked. And when it comes to strength, Gorilla Deck G3 is not like the others. With its unique interlocking design that locks all individual components as one, your deck’s surface will withstand anything.

We also believe in sustainable options when possible. With Gorilla Deck G3, we use vinyl waste and recycle it into the deck. We also apply our ACCU-Shield, an advanced acrylic PVC blend that helps reduce the impact of the sun. And when the summer sun hits that deck, have no worries of burning your feet. With Gorilla Deck G3’s UV stabilized vinyl boards, the heat will transfer much better compared to other materials. And to top it off, the boards are easy to clean since debris will not get caught and they cannot splinter.

Gorilla Deck

It is easy to install, so why not add a Gorilla Deck G3 to your home today! At Tek-Rail, we can provide you with the best deck you have ever had to make this summer one you will not forget! To get in touch with us about adding a Gorilla Deck, head over to our contact page to start the process!