When it comes to railing, our team here at Tek-Rail knows a thing or two (in case our name was not enough of a giveaway). We offer an array of products and materials for both residential and commercial uses, so today, we wanted to focus on our terrific residential aluminum railing! When it comes to Tek-Rail aluminum products, you can expect nothing but high quality design that allows for the installation process to be significantly easier when compared to other products.

Our aluminum railing systems are meant for residential decks, patios, porches, and even swimming pools. Not only do these systems meet or exceed building codes, but with our experience and care for the craft, you will not have to sacrifice comfort in order to maintain them. Do we have your attention yet? We are not done yet, as we have not gotten to the overall benefits that come with Tek-Rail aluminum railing, which we have provided below.

High Quality/Value

The thing about our team here at Tek-Rail is our understanding when it comes to providing only the best when it comes to our products and services. We value our customers’ experiences, so to ensure you have the best time with us, we only use the highest quality materials when engineering our rails. Not only that, but we keep your building codes in mind to make sure that we can craft a railing system that meets your specific needs, not just a general rule of thumb for all customers.

3 Integral Reasons You Should Switch to Residential Aluminum Railing 1

Say Goodbye to Upkeep

What separates our residential aluminum railing systems from other materials? How about never having to worry about maintenance again! Yes, say goodbye to rotting, cracking, staining, repainting, and refinishing, and say hello to enjoying the weather and a wonderful looking railing system. And along with that, you can enjoy saving a few dollars since you no longer have to hire contractors to repair it. Tek-Rail aluminum rail systems received an AMMA 2604 powder coating, allowing you to sit back and take in this new fixture in peace.

3 Integral Reasons You Should Switch to Residential Aluminum Railing 2

Smooth Installation Process

As a group that knows a thing or two about railing, we understand the trials and tribulations that may come with the installation process. So what did we do at Tek-Rail? We made an aluminum railing that allows for an incredibly easy installation job! To make sure that you are not spending an arm and leg on this fixture, our residential aluminum railing is already fully assembled and ready to install from the jump. Save time and money with this system!

To find out more about Tek-Rail’s residential aluminum railing options, get in touch with us via our contact page and find out about our limited lifetime warranty!