Tek-Rail has been serving its customers quality vinyl and aluminum railing and fencing since the early 1990s. Our commitment to our product and our customers keeps driving us to continue providing the best products possible. Today we are featuring our R-Style vinyl railing, one of our most popular vinyl railing products.

Easy Installation

Our vinyl railing is easy to install and does not take a ton of time to put together. You will be able to put it in yourself or hire a team without spending a ton of time or money on installation.


Long-lasting Quality

We create our products to last. The time and money you save from never needing to replace parts, paint, fix, or update your vinyl railing will be worth every penny invested today.

Maintenance Free

Our vinyl railing does not require maintenance like wood, aluminum, steel, or composite railings do. It will not turn colors, does not require layers of paint or stain, and will never split or crack, so once you install your vinyl railing, you never have to worry about maintenance again.

For all of your fencing and railing needs, turn to Tek-Rail. We are the tek-nically superior vinyl railing. Give us a call today to learn more!