The backyard is annually one of the most traveled environments during the Spring and Summer. We can enjoy the sunshine whenever we choose. To boost the aesthetic of your outdoor space, have a beautiful new fence installed. We at Tek-Rail Inc. will happily provide you with all the best knowledge and services to ensure you get the product you desire.

Vinyl Fence: Our vinyl fencing products are made with the highest quality material and will add a stunning, classic look to any property. We offer several different types including classic vinyl fence pickets, split rail fence, privacy fence, and shadow box.

your backyard oasis

Aluminum Fence: Our new Aluma-Rail is a specialty aluminum fence program for residential and commercial use. We can provide you a quality aluminum rail and fence program that meets these most stringent powder coating requirements.

Gorilla Decking: A Gorilla Deck G3 makes a beautiful addition to any home, offering an attractive, low-maintenance deck that would make any homeowner proud. Unlike other decking systems, Gorilla Deck G3 channels water to the sides of the deck, not through it. This unique water-shedding design helps keep the space below the deck dry, even on rainy days.

No matter what you choose, the idea of kicking back and relaxing in your private sanctuary is priceless. The reality of safety with the benefit of beauty is what we sell at Tek-Rail Inc… peace of mind is the result. Call us anytime we will gladly answer all your questions. Please check back to our website from time to time to see all of our innovations and special offers!