With the leaves finally fallen and the chill in the air continuing to drop, winter is only a few weeks away. As a month full of fun, December is the perfect time to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy layering up to brave the elements. But with the fun of winter time also comes potential risks for injury, ranging from snowy or icy weather. At Tek-Rail, we want our customers to feel safe all throughout the cold months, especially when it comes to vinyl railing safety. To avoid any slips and falls, as well as property damage, these effective vinyl railing safety tips will make your winter feel much more secure.

Winter Weather Precautions:

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to winter weather is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to your vinyl railing. Fortunately, vinyl railing is sturdy enough to brave the elements without any issues, making even the snowiest of days feel like nothing. When snow and ice form, you can clear off your railings with ease with either a broom or a bit of warm water. To go a step further, investing in de-icing solutions is never a bad idea, either.


For all the families out there, this vinyl railing safety tip is arguably the most important on this list. Ensuring that your kids have a safe and fun winter time can be achieved when you childproof your vinyl railing. This can be achieved in many different ways, ranging from safety gate installation to childproof locks. And by following through with winter weather precautions, you are simultaneously keeping your children safe.


Adding maintenance to your vinyl railing safety checklist is integral not just for winter, but for months and years to come. You might be wondering where to start in this endeavor. Essential maintenance tasks to complete include a good cleaning using mild detergents and warm water, installing heating cables or tape to prevent ice formations, and conducting regular inspections to keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear.

Seasonal Decorations:

No one said safety could not be fun. Make your vinyl railing feel like you by adding your own decorations that prevent any damages from occurring. From holiday themed decor to pieces of outdoor art, the sky is the limit for your creativity. Be sure though to use non-invasive attachments when decorating. Examples of this include zip ties, hooks, and clips. It is best to avoid any types of adhesive tapes that can possibly leave residue when removed.

Safety Accessories:

Make your home feel extra secure after following this vinyl railing safety tip. Safety accessories are an effective way to allow everyone who steps in your home to traverse the elements with ease. In the off chance your vinyl railing freezes, installing handrails and grip tape will decrease the chances of slips and falls, while railing covers and corner protectors can minimize the risk of injury if any falls do happen.

By following these vinyl rail safety tips, you can ensure that your home will feel safe all throughout winter. Make slips and falls things of the past when implementing this plan. For more tips and advice on proper vinyl rail safety, get in touch with our team here at Tek-Rail. Head over to our contact page today with any questions or concerns!