It’s time to get your backyard ready for the summer, whether it’s to install a brand new fence or upgrade the one you have. Installation is a group effort. It involves you, your family, the people installing the fence (if you’ve hired someone), and even your neighbors. Thankfully no one is inconvenienced for too long, though. Tek-Rail is the superior fence not only in durability but the speed of installation as well! We guarantee our fences will be installed in half the time as a wood fence. With that being said, here are a few steps you need to do to make sure your installation goes smoothly!

Preparing for an Installation

  • Tell the Neighbors: While they aren’t strictly involved with the installation, they still need to be informed, since you’ll be making some noise; and you might be going on their property to complete the installation.
  • Verify Your Property Line: Make sure you know where your property ends, and your neighbors begin. If you have to space, put your fence at least half a foot, to a foot, inside your property line. This allows you to perform any maintenance without risk of being on your neighbor’s property.
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Preparing for an Installation 1
  • Check the Rules: Each town and city has its own rules and regulations. On top of that, you might belong to a homeowner’s association. There might be rules on the type of fence you can install, the height of the fence, the color, and more.
  • Look for Utilities: Since you’re digging into the ground to anchor the fence, you need to make sure there are no utility lines right where you’re planning on putting the post. Call 811 before digging. They will get you in contact with a utility locating company in your area
  • Removes Anything Blocking the Path: Make sure everything is out of the way, including plants, tree roots, as well as prune back any shrubs or overhanging branches. Not only will it help make installation easier, but it will help prevent any damage happening later on.
  • Choose Your Style: Tek-Rail offers various styles of aluminum and vinyl fencing that will suit any home!
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