2021 wrap up

Wrapping Up 2021

As we prepare to wrap up 2021 we reflect on this great year and all of our achievements! We learned about why Tek-Rail vinyl is superior for all railings in your property – be it your home or commercial property. We compared and contrasted the benefits of all our different railing styles and discovered how all Tek-Rail aluminum railing can be installed 50% faster than most other types of railing. Our interlocking gorilla deck system was also highlighted on our blog, showing that Tek-Rail is more than just your source for quality, commercial, and wholesale vinyl railing.

We would like to take this time to thank the people who matter most to us day-to-day – our staff, our manufacturers, and most importantly our clients. It’s all of you who keep our dreams alive and help us protect our community with beautiful and safe, building code-approved products!

Welcoming 2022

Looking onward to the new year, we pledge to continue offering our hands-on experience and commitment to listening to our customers’ every need to help any client in every situation. We pledge to also always offer the highest quality product without compromises. If you’re tired of maintaining your fence, our railing offerings will have you breathing easy without the worry of rotting, warping, cracking, staining, painting, or refinishing, which means that 2022 is a great time to upgrade your fence or railing setup. To back up our claim? This year we’ll be highlighting our lifetime warranties.

Be it storm, hail, or winds, whatever 2022 brings you can be confident your fencing and railing will be safe. We would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe new years celebration and a great 2022!