Serving the Homeowners of Columbus by Providing Quality Maintenance-Free Decking

Installing a new deck is considered a dreaded task by most homeowners. The long, time-consuming, and frustrating process leaves much to be desired, but the beautiful finished product is why so many homeowners push through the difficult task that is redoing their deck. But what if we told you there was a better way to install a new deck? A maintenance-free decking system that was faster and easier to install, better for the environment, longer-lasting, sturdier, and safer.

A Gorilla Deck G3 makes a beautiful addition to any home, offering an attractive, low-maintenance deck that would make any homeowner proud, but the beauty of a Gorilla Deck G3 isn’t just what’s on top. The beauty also extends below its surface... thanks to Gorilla Deck G3’s revolutionary water-shedding technology.

The Gorilla Deck G3 System

gorilla deck logoWhen it comes to quality maintenance-free decking, you won’t find a better one for your Columbus home than the Gorilla Deck G3. Its patented (Patent No. 6,324,796), interlocking design is an innovative system that uses water-shedding technology to channel water to the side of the deck, instead of through it. Here is how this unique decking system will benefit you as a homeowner.

Two Decks in One

With our unique water-shedding technology, rain and water will run to the sides of the deck instead of sitting on it or leaking through the interlocking planks. Because of this, the area below the deck will stay dry, giving you more space for storage, entertainment, a play area, and more. However you decide to utilize this “extra deck” is up to you, but we’re sure you’ll love having options with your newfound space. Note: The Gorilla Deck G3 is not intended for roofing applications.

Shielded by ACCU-Shield

ACCU-Shield Deck ProtectionGorilla Deck G3 is shielded with an extreme finish called ACCU-Shield that is designed to significantly reduce the damaging effect the sun can create on your deck. ACCU-Shield’s advanced acrylic PVC blend is specifically important in climates where ultraviolet exposure is hot with low humidity. For areas without such extreme sun exposure, like Columbus, ACCU-Shield is an even better protector of your maintenance-free decking system, even in the colder months.

“No better protection under the sun!”

Green and Great

We maximize performance and value to help save our customers money, but we also work to do our part for the environment, which is why we capture our vinyl waste (from things like our vinyl deck railings) and recycle it into specific substrates, such as the materials used in Gorilla Deck G3.

Maintenance-free Decking

Columbus Maintenance Free DeckingBy using a proprietary blend of UV-stabilized vinyl, Gorilla Deck G3 planks won’t trap leaves, pine needles, acorns, and other debris blown onto your deck. This decking system also won’t splinter like wood decking, has concealed fasteners instead nails or screws that could be exposed, and stays cooler in the hot summer months in Columbus because vinyl transfers heat better. With so many incredible features, not only is Gorilla Deck G3 virtually maintenance-free decking, it’s also safer for you and your family.

Resurface An Existing Deck

The profile plank design (1-1/4”) of Gorilla Deck G3 makes it the perfect candidate to retrofit an existing wood deck. Each plank measures similar to wood, six inches wide with lengths of 16, 20, and 24 feet. The low profile and interlocking design of Gorilla Deck G3 makes it easy and fast to install for anyone. You could have a new maintenance-free deck in no time without the added stress of a normal deck build.

A Lifetime of Beauty Perfect for Any Style Home

Homeland's Gorilla Deck G3 will never rot, split, or decay, and is impervious to insects and moisture. Every Gorilla Deck G3 is covered by one of the toughest warranties in the industry - a lifetime, transferable limited warranty* - making it the right choice for any homeowner.

Columbus Maintenance-Free Decking