Serving Nashville Since 1990 with Quality Vinyl Railing Products

Since 1990, Tek-Rail has been providing our customers with quality products, both for residential and commercial properties. Our commitment to quality is why our customers continue using our products for their home, office building, apartment complexes, and more. The ease of assembly and long-lasting products are just two of the many reasons Tek-Rail’s products stand out in the industry.

So why vinyl? What makes it different from other materials used for decking and railing? Below you’ll find a list of why we believe vinyl is one of the best products available on the market today for decking and railing products. If you would like to know more about Tek-Rail, our processes, the materials we use, or to place an order, contact our office any time, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Nashville Residential Vinyl Deck Railing

Five Benefits of Using Vinyl Railing Products

  1. Easy to Work With
    Vinyl railing products are incredibly easy to work with and install. Anyone who has never worked with our products will still be able to install our vinyl railing using our easy-to-follow instructions and create a beautiful, clean look when it’s done.
  2. Practically Maintenance Free
    We all loving hearing the word “free,” especially when it relates to less work. Vinyl railing is almost completely maintenance free, which gives you more time to do the things you love. If it ever does get a dirty from a storm or general use, you can spray it down with a hose or a power washer (on low) with household bleach.
  3. Keeps Original Look
    Vinyl railing will not crack, yellow, rust, or split. It isn’t painted, so you will never find paint chipping or need to repaint it. Which means, your Nashville home or office with its vinyl railing system will look just as good in a few years as it does today.
  4. Warranty Provided
    At Tek-Rail, we stand behind our products, which is why we provide warranties for them. Our white vinyl products have a limited lifetime warranty, and our tan products have a 20-year limited lifetime warranty.
  5. Lasts for Years
    Vinyl railings last for years, making the initial investment worth it for the future. Instead of having to replace parts over time, fix pieces, or keep it updated, your vinyl railing will continue looking great without all the extra work and last longer than the average railing products. And the best part? When its lifespan is done, our vinyl railings are 100% recyclable.