Maintenance-free Decking in Atlanta

A Gorilla Deck G3 makes a beautiful addition to any home, offering an attractive, low-maintenance deck that would make any homeowner proud, but the beauty of a Gorilla Deck G3 isn’t just what’s on top. The beauty also extends below its surface... thanks to Gorilla Deck G3’s revolutionary water-shedding technology.

The beautiful, sleek design of the Gorilla Deck G3 is based on its patented, one-of-a-kind design. This maintenance-free decking will make any deck look incredible all year round, while its innovative system prevents water from seeping through the planks. Instead, the Gorilla Deck G3 channels water to the sides of the deck, ensuring a dry deck for all your backyard summer barbecues. Another added feature of the water-shedding surface is that it will allow the space under your new decking to be completely available for entertainment use or storage without the stress of having water seep through below.

Maintenance-free Decking that is Strong and Beautiful

Not only is our Gorilla Deck G3 maintenance-free, beautiful, and sleek, but its interlocking design also makes it incredibly strong. The unique design interlocks each plank, reinforcing the surface and creating one large, individual unit as opposed to dozens of single planks on their own. So now you can have that backyard barbecue on your new maintenance-free decking with all your friends in Atlanta and not have to worry about weight or cleanup. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Maintenance-free Decking That is Also Good for the Environment

At Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc., we believe in creating great products for our customers and going green can both work together to better our everyday lives. We want to do our part as the largest producers in the industry of vinyl extrusions to help preserve the environment. This means, while not only engineering our profiles to maximize performance and value, we also capture vinyl waste and recycle it into specific substrates, just as what is used in the Gorilla Deck G3.

Protecting Your Maintenance-free Decking from the Atlanta Sun

To help you protect your new decking from the sun and weather conditions, we shield our Gorilla Deck G3 with our advanced acrylic PVC blend specifically designed to reduce damaging effects from the sun’s ultraviolet exposure. This finish is called ACCU-Shield. Our ACCU-Shield finish is specifically important in areas, such as as Atlanta, where the ultraviolet exposure and the quick changes from hot to cold humidity can greatly effect a deck’s finish.

A Lifetime of Beauty Perfect for Any Style Home

Homeland’s Gorilla Deck G3 will never rot, split, or decay, and is impervious to insects and moisture. Every Gorilla Deck G3 is covered by one of the toughest warranties in the industry - a lifetime, transferable limited warranty* - making it the right choice for any homeowner.

Maintenance-Free Gorilla Decking in Atlanta


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